Business Development

Let us bring our sales training expertise to your office and prepare your sales staff to cut through red tape, meet objections head-on, develop sound solutions, and execute effective closing presentations. Once your sales staff is up to speed we will create opportunity and feed qualified leads and sales appointments to your team for faster closures.

  • Phone Sales Etiquette
  • Cold Call Preparation
  • Qualifying & Categorizing New Prospects
  • Personality Assessment & Mirroring
  • Objection Handling
  • Handling Rejection and Personal Growth
  • Holding The Line On Price & Margin
  • Opportunity Gathering
  • Time Management and Pipeline Management
  • Creating An Effective Personal Business Model

Lead Generation

  • Professionally Qualified Leads
  • Lead Foldback Management
  • Sales Appointment Setting and Follow-up
  • Cold Call Data Gathering
  • Business Mapping

Let us help you increase profit and margin.