Sometimes a piece of good advice is worth everything

Our team of business consultants come from widely varying backgrounds and disciplines. This breadth of knowledge and experience gives us the ability to create solutions that are custom tailored to your particular business situation.

There are times when you just need a quick tip and we are happy to help in this area. We have a policy of open communication and we don’t start the clock until we see that your need requires our intervention.

We help small business grow

We help you get over the hurdles

Marketing is a challenge

Prepare your business for an effective marketing outreach.

Build your clientele

Find new and better customers for your business.

The web is your new home

Take your website to a new place.


"What I love about working with Mike is that he knows how much I have invested emotionally in my business. He helped me make some tough decisions that I was avoiding."
Alene Elvine
The Flower Shoppe
“I never knew that my customers were slowing me down. We worked on a strategy to gather a new crop of highly profitable customers and now I am riding high"
Jane Gerber

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